Yandex Metrica


- Painless hair removal  by its unique hand prob cooling tect of at -5 degree

- FHR/HR /SR modes 

- 2 years warranty for both HP and the body.

The hair growth cycle is divided into three stages;  Growth period, retrogression period, resting period. Growth period: active melanin is the best time to depilate. Hair follicles in the retrogressive and resting phases begin to weaken and cannot be completely destroyed because laser cannot effectively act on their roots.

Get to Know Dionex Closer

Dionex Technicial Specifications

Screen :  10,4” colorful touchscreen

Wavelength :  808 nm

HP spot size : 12x 12 mm2

Input power : 2000 W

Energy max : 120J/cm2 (HR) / 18 J/cm2 (FHR)

Frequency : 1-10 Hz

Cooling : Water cooling

Power supply :  AC 220V, 50 Hz /AC 110V, 60 Hz

Sizes  : 400x330x1200 mm

Weight  : 55 kgs