Yandex Metrica


- Multi-function which are 40Khz Cavitation, Vacuum and RF for slimming, body shaping, skin lifting & tightening. 4 treatment handpiece are available for both of face and body; can satisfy different treatment, easy to extend customers.

- 40K Ultrasonic is recognized as the most effective ultrasound segment for weight loss and fat reduction by the international scientific community.

- Fast result and comfortable treatment.

- Telangiectasia Treatment.

- Light weight and easy to carry.


- 40 Khz ultrasound

- Multipolar RF hand prob

- Vacuum RF hand prob

- Tripolar RF hand prob for face

- Helps localised slimming and cellulite reducement

- Anti wrinkle treatment on face, neck and decollette

Get to Know Vans2 Closer

Vans2 Technicial Specifications

Electrical parameters : 110/220 V

Frequency :  50Hz – 60 Hz

Power : 95 W

RF output power : 5 MHz

Cavitation output power : 40 KHz

Weight : 20 kgs

Sizes : 77x57x39 cm