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Tattoo Sense

Features of Laser Beauty Equipment Tattoo Sense

- Water- flow monitor: give the alarm, display abnormal water flow on the operating screen and stop warming-up automatically when there is small or no water flow

- Water-temperate monitor: give the alarm, show "high temp" on the screen when the temperature is in excess of 45 degrees

- Accurate infrared indication light makes the spot position more accurate and the utilization of light point increased

- Disassembly treatment hand

Get to Know Tattoo Sense Closer

Tattoo Sense Technicial Specifications


Screen : 5” LCD

Laser source : ND Yag solid laser (Q Switch KTP)

Wavelength : 1064 – 532 nm double wavelength

Max dynamic laser energy : 600 J / Static : 1.2 J

Cooling :  Water and air cooling

Facul dia : 1-3 mm

Pulse duration : 6 MS

Pulse power : 0-1000 mj

Frequency : 1-6 Hz

Weight : 15 kgs (incl hp)

Power supply : 220V, 50 Hz // 110V, 60 Hz

Input power : 750 VA

Sizes : 45x30x22 cm