Yandex Metrica

Ultra Sense XL

All seasons comfortable hair removal with icy tech hand prob

- Adjustble parameters according to skin type

- Choosing treatment area on LCD screen with default parameters  

- 2 years warranty for both HP and the body.

- More convenient for all treatment areas

- 10x10mm big spot size 600w power

- Treatment for Chest hair, Armpit hair, leg hair, back hair and other big area.

The instrument is internally loaded with a TEC refrigeration system and an intelligent temperature monitoring sensor to ensure that the operating temperature of the machine is constant at 20 degrees Celsius. Make sure that the water temperature remains the same for 24 hours of continuous operation.

Get to Know Ultra Sense XL Closer

Ultra Sense XL Technicial Specifications

Screen :  10,4” colorful touchscreen

Wavelength :  808-810 nm

HP spot size : 12x 12 mm2

Input power : 2800 W

HP outer power : 600 W

Frequency : 1-10 Hz

Cooling : Water cooling

Power supply :  AC 220V +/- 10%, 50 Hz