Yandex Metrica

Emshape Duo

Emshape Duo Using parallel RF application tecnhology and

high cooling technology, integrated in a treatment head,

is the world's top technology in the field of beauty perfect show.

For all beauty customers to provide the ultimate shape

of the sculpture experience.

The using of a revolutionary next platform to improve the

body of local fat accumulation.

- Anti aging treatments RF

- Local body shaping

- EFC technology, monopolar hand probs

- Fat burning and collagen stimulation occurs by combing of paralel 

- RF and HIFU technologies

Get to Know Emshape Duo Closer

Emshape Duo Technicial Specifications

Screen : 8” colorful, touchscreen

Number of hps : 2 (one for face an done for body)

Power : 350 W

Ultrasound frequency : 3 Hz

RF : 3 Hz

Cooling system : Air cooling 

Electric : 11 /240V – 50/60 Hz