Yandex Metrica


The Principle:

Skin Energy Activated Instrument by the Germany the latest trans dermal

technology developed by using micro-electrical pulse, the carrier radio

frequency, bipolar radio frequency, ultra-low temperature micro-four functions

of eye surgery, and by mechanical therapy, pressure therapy, hyperthermia,

magnetic four physical therapy after a comprehensive eye relief and repair.

Waking the eye cells completely, recombinant fiber eye disorders, effective

export pigmentation, dry skin of the eye to aging, a variety of bags under the

eyes, swelling and dark circles, clouds bloodshot eye completely repaired, but

also your charming face and eyes.

- Skin moisturising

- Skin tone balancing

- Prevents acne 

- Cleans black spots

- Painless and comfort treatment


- Micro roller

- Aqua Peeling

- Oxygen

- Hot and cold hammer

- Acne brush

- LED micro brush

- Bubble pen

- Needle free injection

- RF

- Scrubber

- Ultrasonic

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