Yandex Metrica


Powerful, uniform and stable Energy

Testing for single pulse energy or contiring pulses energy by Professional laser energy meter, it is keeping up to 800 mj, stable and no decrase

Spot size is cycle and without polarized

Testing with the same energy (300 mj) and frequency (10 Hz) situaiton, spot size and outputting energy is very stable, uniform and no polarized light but the fake of one and other similar devices are all unstable, energy decrease fast and polarized severly

532 NM-F 50 : Prominent pigment on the epidermis (age spots, cafe au lait spots etc) and tattoo removal for red and Brown etc

1064NM-F50 : Tattoo removal for black, blue and gray color etc… and pigment remooval for freckle, nevus of ota, age spots

1064NM-F0 : Acne, skin rejuvenation and whitening, facial deep cleaning, shrink large pores

Get to Know Mermaid-C Closer

Mermaid-C Technicial Specifications

Laser source : Q Switch ND Yag

Frequency : 1- 10 Hz

Wavelength : 532 nm – 1064 nm

Cooling system :  Water cooling

Pulse energy : 20-1000 mj

Spot size : 1-5 mm

Power : 220V/110V – 50/60 Hz 10A

Sizes : 22x23x44 cm

Weight : 45 kgs